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Vapor Funky Monkey in Manayunk

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More discerning customers utilize Vapor Funky Monkey products and choose our shop as their go to source for a technologically advanced nicotine delivery that is safer and healthier than any other source. The old timey smoke shops and local convenience stores dotted about Philadelphia, PA, just can’t offer a nicotine burst with the same clean, healthy flavor that you get when you purchase and use e-cigarettes offered by Vapor Funky Monkey. The rampant repeat business demonstrates the effectiveness of the device, and the comments people have about the taste and satisfaction they get from our myriad of custom blended e-juice flavors is undeniable.


Vapor Funky Monkey will have you reeling as you encounter the most amazing electronic liquid you’ve ever vaped, constructed from the finest electronics and atomizing the tastiest juice on the entire market. We offer devices that outmatch anything a regular old filtered loosey can give you, as the heating system blends our own custom flavors into a crisp bold puff of pure and clean vapor.  

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

Don’t just believe what we have to say about the amazing and wonderful experience you get from vaping. Feast your eyes on a bevy of commentary and feedback offered by our loyal customers!

Yelp Reviews:



“I've gone into this store three times now and each time I am more pleased.

The two gentleman working there are very knowledgeable, helpful and offer great deals. They'll show you exactly how to use your device and if anything isn't working properly they welcome you back to offer their assistance. They have a large menu of flavors to choose from (that they make themselves) and you can choose the nicotine level you want from 0mg to 24mg.


I have been a pack-a-day smoker for 12 years and with the help of vaping I have been smoke free for over one month. It's safer, tastier and much cheaper. One bottle of "juice" costs 8 dollars here, which is equivalent to about 7 packs of cigarettes.


I highly recommend this store for anyone interested in the electronic cigarettes, whether for recreation, cutting back or quitting smoking! :)”


Jessica W.

Plymouth Meeting, PA



“This place is great.  The 2 guys running the show were extremely helpful in assisting me as I went in uneducated in "vape world".  In fact, I broke my cig a week after buying it ( my fault) and they gave me another one at their cost.  Also, they have a shit load of juices that they encourage you to try before you make a purchase.  The prices are fair and you can tell they're more into customer satisfaction than just trying to make a sale.  Lifetime customer!”


Dennis M.

Philadelphia, PA



“So I'd never smoked an ecig, aside from a few random puffs on my girlfriends.  She lost her charger, and we needed a quick place to stop to get her a new one.  We were cutting it close to closing time for the other shops in the area, so decided we had to go to Funky Monkey since they're open until 8.


We're so glad we did!  The 2 gentleman that run the shop couldn't have been nicer.  They welcomed us in, and were very accommodating.  They encouraged us to try their flavors, which were all delicious, and answered all the questions I had as a non-vaper.


We got the charger she needed, and some extras.  I decided to give vaping a shot to help cut back on my filthy cigarette habit, and bought myself a set of 2 vaporizers, and the Extreme Ice and Cotton Candy flavors.

We couldn't be happier with our visit and will definitely be back... Probably every time we need new juice.

Highly recommended!


Updating review and dropping 1 star simply based on prices.  You can get great juices online for 60-70% less online, especially in 30mL.”


Jason F.

Upper Darby, PA



“Top notch store, owners are helpful and the name is second to none! I would certainly recommend this shop to anyone who is interested in ‘vapes’.”


Ted K.

Philadelphia, PA



“I like this place.  I bought my very first mod here after much debate.  So far, it's working well and I do like it.  All of the juices they sell are house blends and they are pretty tasty.  Some of their testers were dry though, and instead of refilling them so I could try the flavors, they kind of just shrugged it off which came off a bit lazy.  Also, their juices are a little more expensive than average.


I've deducted one star because I believe the men running this store are not necessarily the most knowledgeable when it comes to mods (which makes it a bit ironic that this is where I purchased my first one.)  When I decided which mod I was going to get, I had to wait about 20-30 minutes before they could get it working.  Apparently it was a "quick fix" but it still made me nervous and I was 5 minutes from scrubbing the mission completely.  Also, I felt somewhat slighted because they really "sold" me on the mod with the understanding that my pens' battery life were the main driving force behind the switch.  Steve told me that the battery in his mod lasts him around 1.5 days and he vapes all day.  This isn't actually the case which I didn't learn until I saw it for myself.  Also, I've had other vape shops tell me that the batteries I purchased, in general, aren't necessarily "ideal" for the mod I have.  The atomizer in my Aerotank also weren't appropriate for a mod battery. 


I do like the men running this store but I have the feeling that they are slightly more schooled in vaporizer pens than mechanical mods which is probably why all the reviews here are from first-time vapers who did not purchase mods. 


I understand that this review sounds somewhat negative, but honestly, I know if I have a problem with what I've purchased that I will be able to take it to them and find a fair solution.  Integrity is a big factor in this industry as it is fairly new and many brick-and-mortar owners are making their own rules.  These are nice guys and I'd like to see this location thrive.”



Jessica A.

Philadelphia, PA



“Great prices, bought my first mod here. The gentlemen were very helpful and provided great customer service.  I will be back to try more flavors.”


Howard R.

Philadelphia, PA

Other Reviews:


“Extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. Great for a novice like me trying to learn about vaping. Great flavors too. Highly recommend!”


“Great place, Mike knows his stuff, taught me a lot in the little time I was there, clean, good prices, and excellent juice! Can't wait to go back \M/”


“Awesome store. Best e-juice in Philly. If you like fruit flavors, you have to try their Monkey Punch. Really cool staff, very knowledgeable, not pushy at all... laugh my @$$ off in there. I highly recommend it.”


 “The store is conveniently located in the heart of Manayunk. They sell Quality product and lots of stuff to chose from. Friendly owners. Huge selection of e-juice . A+++++ store”

Questions? Just Ask!

Because we believe in this product so strongly, everyone at the Vapor Funky Monkey is dedicated to helping our customers in any way we can.

You can contact us at:

Vapor Funky Monkey

4221 Main Street

Philadelphia, PA  19127


Phone: 267-336-7880




Mon - Wed: 10 am to 8 pm

Thurs - Sat: 10 am to 9 pm

Sunday: 10 am to 6 pm

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